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2017 China Gas Appliance Industry Annual Conference Held Grandly

2017 China Gas Appliance Industry Annual Conference Held Grandly

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On August 13, 2017, the annual meeting of China's gas appliance industry was grandly held in Guiyang, Guizhou Province. The conference was hosted by the Application Committee of the China Civil Engineering Society's Gas Branch, the Gas Heating Professional Committee, the Commercial Gas Appliances Committee, and the National Gas Appliance Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and was sponsored by Io Smith (China) Water Heater Co., Ltd., Guangdong Wanhe New Electric Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Disson Home Environment Technology Co., Ltd. Participants and personnel include relevant responsible personnel and technical personnel of local gas industry authorities, gas companies, gas appliances and parts, equipment manufacturing plants, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions, gas inspection agencies, consulting agencies and other relevant production personnel. Nearly 700 people including enterprises, certification bodies and management departments, industry associations, and related media.  


The morning meeting was chaired by Tang Rong, Secretary General of the Gas Heating Professional Committee.


At the meeting, Li Yanqiang, Secretary General of the Gas Branch of the Chinese Civil Engineering Society, delivered an opening speech and thanked the leaders and guests who have supported the work of the Society for many years. In recent years, the gas appliance industry has developed rapidly. With the favorable policies and joint efforts of everyone, the gas appliance industry has great potential!


Wang Qi, the director of the Application Committee, the Gas Heating Specialization Committee, and the Commercial Combustion Committee of the China Civil Engineering Society Gas Branch, welcomed the meeting, expressed welcome and sincere thanks to the participants, and wished the conference a complete success.  


Then, Director Wang Qi reported on the work of the Society in the past year. At the meeting, Director Wang Qi reviewed the past and looked forward to the future. First, he reported on the organization construction work, organization meetings and exchanges of major activities, participation in meetings and various exchange activities in the past year, and introduced the work of the next year. The plan and arrangement finally summarized the general trend of the development of the gas appliance industry. He believes that opportunities and challenges coexist, and hopes that all enterprises and units work together to promote the development of the industry.  


“十二五”城镇燃气的发展情况,对贵州“十三五”城镇燃气的发展进行规划,并对燃气器具的发展进行大胆预测。 During the keynote speech, Guang Hong, Secretary General of Guizhou Gas Association, delivered a keynote speech on "Guizhou Urban Gas Development and Demand for Gas Appliances." He outlined the development of Guizhou's "Twelfth Five-Year" urban gas development, Plan the development of urban gas and make bold predictions about the development of gas appliances.


Wang Ping, Deputy Secretary-General of the China Real Estate Association, delivered a keynote speech on "Analysis of China's Real Estate Situation and Future Trends", analyzing the current status of the real estate market and the trend of sustainable real estate development in the future, the state's simultaneous housing policy and the development of future resources. Analyze the trends and other aspects, and propose innovation strategies and integration strategies for the gas appliance industry.  


Qiu Bu, Vice President of China and General Manager of the Gas Division of Iao Smith (China) Water Heater Co., Ltd. delivered a keynote speech on "Innovative R & D Exploration and Development of Gas Products" and introduced the gas products of Io Smith (China) Water Heater Co., Ltd. The road of innovation is carried out from the aspects of safety, wind resistance and corrosion resistance, which set an example for the innovation of enterprises.



The afternoon session was chaired by Zhong Jiazheng, general manager of Guangdong Wanhe Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 图片24.png

2017年中国燃气具市场发展趋势》主题演讲,从国内经济环境、国民消费水平、房地产发展情况等方面分析,指出厨卫市场整体成长性趋好,介绍了燃气热水器市场、吸油烟机和燃气灶试市场发展状况,最后对2017年下半年燃热市场的发展进行了展望。 Wang Zhongqiang, Research Director of the Kitchen and Bathroom Division of Beijing Zhongyikang Times Market Research Co., Ltd. delivered a keynote speech on " 2017 China Gas Appliance Market Development Trends", analyzing the domestic economic environment, national consumption level, and real estate development, and pointed out the kitchen and bathroom market The overall growth is getting better. The development status of the gas water heater market, range hood and gas stove test market is introduced. Finally, the development of the heating market in the second half of 2017 is prospected.


=未来》主题演讲,针对工业设计在产品研发中的应用进行介绍,简要分析近年来产品市场的变化,从机械产品与手工产品对比、工业化发展对美学发展的影响等方面介绍了工业化的审美观。 Professor Zhao Yang of the China Academy of Art gave a keynote speech on "Art plus Technology = Future", which introduced the application of industrial design in product research and development, briefly analyzed the changes in the product market in recent years, from the comparison of mechanical products and handmade products, the development of industrialization to aesthetics. The impact of development and other aspects introduced the aesthetics of industrialization.


“十三五”时期的天然气发展》专题演讲,主要从国内外能源状况概述、中国天然气发展现状、“十三五”天然气发展规划和天然气等方面若干新政四个方面深入解析了“十三五”时期天然气的发展现状。 Li Yanqiang, Secretary General of the Gas Division of the Chinese Civil Engineering Society, delivered a keynote speech on "Natural Gas Development during the" Thirteenth Five-Year Plan "Period. The New Deal has analyzed the development status of natural gas in the "13th Five-Year Plan" period in four aspects.


Zhao Zijun, chief engineer of the Urban Gas Thermal Power Research Institute of China Municipal Engineering North China Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., gave a special lecture on "Summary of Indoor Gas Safety and Technical Measures in China", introduced the current status of indoor gas safety in China, and pointed out the status and problems of indoor gas use in China. It also introduces the technical measures of gas room safety, and finally puts forward suggestions for improving the management of gas room safety.



Yu Zhihui, general manager of BSRIA Asia-Pacific, delivered a keynote speech on "Status and Trends of Chinese and Foreign Boiler and Heat Pump Markets". In the context of the "coal to gas" policy, he analyzed the domestic and foreign gas wall-hung boilers, commercial boilers, and heat pumps in the past year. Market status and development trends.


On August 13th, the planned purpose was achieved as planned.