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Life is priceless, love is traceless

Life is priceless, love is traceless

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Life is a difficult journey. We all hope that our journey is safe and smooth, and the scenery is infinite. Sometimes, God likes to play tricks and set up obstacles to test our journey. Unfortunately, this test fell on Qiu Xiaomei, an assembly team of Yiqiang Company. Everyone heard Qiu Xiaomei's condition that day, and everyone was stunned. Fate really likes to play tricks on people. He was caught by the terrible sickness. But this did not scare her, because she has a strong backing: a husband who loves her, three children who are well-educated and educated, selflessly dedicated relatives, and our dear and lovely colleagues at work. There are other caring people in the society ... "Because we are a family and a family that loves each other, we should share our blessings, and we must share our hardships when we are in trouble ..."! !! !! This is a loving family. The members of the team volunteered to go to the hospital to visit Xiaomei as soon as they knew it. The company also actively applied for assistance for Xiaomei through various channels after knowing it. At the same time, it was also proposed that everyone “donate” to Xiaomei (with some parts) On-site donation chart).

Thanks to all the colleagues who donated at the scene, everyone's actions were moving: Everyone who brought cash to find someone to borrow immediately, some who ran back to the dormitory to get money, and the unlucky boys took out a lot of loose money, Some outsourcing factories come to the company for support, there are no money transfers on WeChat, colleagues who work night shifts or business trips personally come to the office to donate, there are those who cannot go to the scene to request donations on behalf of others, and have already left colleagues and rent The owner of the company's factory building took the initiative to contact WeChat to donate ....... Giving a rose, there are fragrances in his hands; dedication, love and hope. With the help of everyone's love, a total of 5027.00 yuan was received for this donation.
Xiao Mei, who is strong and optimistic, is also actively fighting the disease. We also sent everyone's loving donations to her hands.

May our love bring encouragement to Xiaomei, may our modest strength help Xiaomei to relieve a little pressure, and wish our Xiaomei a speedy recovery; at the same time, thank the Yiqiang electronics family: you, me, and true love; thank you all Loving employees: Love is sincere and sincere! It turned out that love can be so open-minded, I hope our love will make her recover soon! !! !!


Enterprise Management Department August 29, 2017