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    The electromagnetic valve

    The electromagnetic valve

      Detailed description

      Thermoelectric flameout safety protection device (excluding valve body)
      (working principle)

      Performance introduction: When using a gas appliance, the water heater is blown out when it accidentally shuts down or during normal combustion, the gas flameout safety protection device will automatically cut off the gas source to prevent poisoning or explosion accidents caused by gas leakage.

      Working principle of thermoelectric flameout safety protection device
      The gas flameout protection device consists of a thermocouple and a solenoid valve. As shown in Figure 1, when the top of the thermocouple (thermocouple sensing head) is heated by the flame, the thermocouple sensing head is heated, so that the thermoelectromotive force occurs. When the electromotive force is actuated, the solenoid valve is actuated. When the flame is extinguished, as the temperature of the thermocouple sensing head decreases, the thermoelectric potential gradually disappears, causing the electromagnetic force to disappear with it.

      Figure 1 Installation diagram of flameout protection device
      Figure 2 Characteristics of thermocouple heating and cooling curves