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    620 series igniter

    620 series igniter

      Detailed description

      Product model: YQ620 series YQ620-65, YQ620-80, YQ620-H95
      Principle and application: Manual ignition device produced using piezoelectric effect as the theoretical basis and piezoelectric ceramics as the medium. The violent impact of two piezoelectric ceramics (when the button is pressed) generates an instant high-voltage current, which is mostly used in various gas appliances. The piezoelectric igniter is a manual ignition device based on the piezoelectric effect and based on piezoelectric ceramics. It is mostly used in various gas appliances, such as gas stoves, gas water heaters, and gas refrigerators.

      Product parameters:


      Cases and solutions:
      Case 1:
      The customer installed on the stove has a poor ignition condition;
      Solution: If the product performance test is qualified and there is a poor ignition condition, the ignition distance is too far or too close, and the ignition distance must be adjusted to 5 mm (80 series products).

      Case 2:
      After the product is assembled in the stove, there is a bad blow:
      Solution: If the button installed on the stove does not strike or the strike is not reset, the fixture (slot) for installing the igniter is too tight, squeezing the igniter and deforming it, resulting in poor blow.