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We have made piezoelectric ceramic igniter for 20 years!

    Foshan Yiqiang Electronic Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. It is located in the “Pearl River Delta” hinterland of Foshan “National High-tech Development Zone, Foshan Sanshui Industrial Park” with convenient transportation. The company covers an area of 20,000 square meters and the plant area is 20,000 square meters. Meters, with fixed assets of 100 million yuan.
    Foshan Yiqiang Electronics Co., Ltd. relies on the geographical, information, and technological advantages of being located in the largest gas appliance production base in the country, the Pearl River Delta, and adheres to the "rational, industrial, and progressive" industrial spirit, and takes the "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation" road. After more than 20 years of hard work, it has developed into the largest domestic gas appliance supporting "piezoelectric ceramic igniter and piezoelectric ceramic element, thermoelectric gas flameout protection device (solenoid valve thermocouple), gas automatic control valve". The professional manufacturer of product series has an annual output of 350 million pieces and has more than 1,000 specifications. The domestic market share of gas appliances supporting products has reached 70%, and has been adopted by various gas appliance brands worldwide. The main customers are: Vantage, Midea, Wanjiale, Wanhe, Chuangte, Sakura, Huachuang, Linnei, Xuxin, Iwatani, Jude, Dyson, Red Sun, Schindler, Bronx, etc. 30% of the company's products are self-exported, with sales in Korea, Japan, Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions, and its export volume ranks first among domestic counterparts.
    Foshan Yiqiang Electronics Co., Ltd. has a good business environment and high-quality professionals. Among the more than 400 employees, 25 have a bachelor's degree and a college degree or above account for 10% of the total. It has 7 senior titles and 18 intermediate titles. It has trained a large number of domestic leading professionals who are the company's main business-the development and production of igniter products and have undergone strict training.
    Foshan Yiqiang Electronics Co., Ltd. has established a good social image in the society with strong financial strength, high-quality professionals, deep research and development capabilities, and high-quality and efficient services, and has been widely depended on and praised by customers from all walks of life and downstream customers. . The company's outstanding advance consciousness in the decision-making level, the aggressive professionalism of all employees, and the support and love of all sectors of the society have made it a remarkable achievement in the gas appliance industry and the LED industry. While developing domestic business, actively carry out foreign business, using high-end igniter products with superior performance, to maintain the record of the country's first export volume of similar products for many years, thus breaking the Chinese high-end igniter products' dependence on imports for many years, becoming The world's largest manufacturer of piezoelectric igniters for gas appliances.
    Under the leadership of the company's chairman and general manager, Mr. Liu Zhiqiang, the company always adheres to the "customer first, quality first" philosophy, adheres to the principles of scientific management and standardized management, and vigorously advocates the construction of enterprise informatization, comprehensive upgrade of enterprise management, and system certification. Aspect: ISO quality management system and environmental management system have been certified. Product certification aspects: UL safety certification in the United States, CSA safety certification in Canada have passed; Kingdee ERP enterprise information management system (K / 3 system), PLM product life The cycle management system and OA office automation system have further improved management capabilities and operating efficiency. In short, a sound business management system, quality environment management system, and information management system provide a powerful guarantee for the company's overall development and the interests of relevant parties.