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We have made piezoelectric ceramic igniter for 20 years!

    Business philosophy: people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, industrial spirit: rational, industrial, and enterprising. Company vision: forge ahead and become an industry leader. Quality policy: quality-oriented, pursuit of customer satisfaction; continuous improvement, striving for domestic first-class environmental policy: caring for the environment, saving Resources; compliance with laws and regulations, sustainable development.

    The spirit of innovation: Innovation is the requirement of this era, and innovation is an important way to break the inherent thinking mode and gain development space.
    Customer First: The customer is at the center of all our activities. We judge our performance against the requirements of our customers.
    Cooperative development: Cooperate with counterparts from all walks of life to develop rapidly in cooperation; cooperate with customers to continuously improve their technical level in service; focus on internal cooperation of the company, emphasize teamwork, mutual trust and effective communication.
    Win-win strategy for companies, employees, and society: We encourage employees to be loyal to the company's cause, the company is enthusiastic about public welfare, care for the environment, and establish a win-win strategy for enterprises, employees and related parties.